We use creativity to win minds,
capture hearts & change behaviours

Our Work

We want results for our clients as much as they do

Meet The Team:

Paul Birmingham

Co Founder & Marketing/Design

Leanne Beddow

Co Founder & PR/Communications/Marketing

Janice Landry


George Butler

Web & Online Developer/Designer

Rachel Bower

Video Producer/Director

What We Believe


Our vision is to connect with our clients and use our creativity so they can win the minds of their audience, whoever those stakeholders may be. We want results for clients as much as they do – call it our competitive spirit. 


In numerology, ‘11’ represents higher ideals, invention, refinement, vision, balance as well as male and female equality. 11 was always the number worn by each of the Birmingham family members when playing competitive sports, and since this is a family business with a competitive spirit...



Who Are We


We are a small, talented team with a network of strategic collaborators and partners. We are versatile in that we can do many tasks and adapt quickly to get the required results. We are resourceful in that we combine our skills with our work ethic, efficient style and past experience to get the job done just as well as the big agencies, without the big agency prices. 


We are CREATIVE (so we are told), CLEVER (we like to think so), HARD-WORKING (bred into us) and PASSIONATE (about what we do). And, to stay grounded and keep our clients smiling, we use our SENSE OF HUMOUR everyday (what’s life without it?).