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Rockingham & Community Guardian Stores

Online Marketing Strategy

Studio 11 worked with the Ramsay group of Guardian pharmacies to create an online community of supporters, increase awareness around the Guardian brand, engage in the health and wellness of their community as well as drive traffic to their store locations.


We created a strategy that started with creating an online e-flyer that would promote bi-weekly specials, loyalty programs, unique products and important healthcare information. Then, we built a Facebook page for both the Community and Rockingham Guardians with an editorial plan for content. We are working on connecting this to their website presence and exploring the use of other social media and online platforms to improve stakeholder communication and grow the customer database.

By tying together all of our client's online activity and connecting with traditional communications and marketing initiatives, we are creating meaningful dialogue with their customers, engaging with the communities where they operate, generating sales activity and taking better care of patients.


Studio11 Creative Group
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