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Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21

The Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 was undergoing a transition. The historic site went from a celebration of immigrants at Pier 21 in Halifax to national museum status and a crown corporation under the federal government. They were positioned to take their fundraising efforts to a whole new level as they embarked on a journey to transform Pier 21 into a national representation of immigrants' stories over a longer period of time and to various points across Canada.


Studio 11 Creative Group was hired to produce a video that would capture the story of Canadian immigration and its historical preservation at Pier 21. We would need to send a clear message to the audience about the importance of supporting this important Canadian institution.

We wrote the script, shot, directed and edited the video, telling a story that captivated audiences at various Pier 21 special events and assisted the museum's fundraising efforts. The Canadian Museum of Immigration staff and board were appreciative of our efforts and continue to put their confidence in us to meet other video needs. We were especially proud of the feedback we received from the immigrants who told their stories in the video, telling us we captured what they experienced.


During a special event, a lady whose mother immigrated to Canada sat next to us, watched the video, unaware that we produced it. Her powerful reaction told us we made something special. She couldn't believe the strong feelings it evoked for her and immediately donated to the museum to preserve this incredible piece of Canadian history.


Studio11 Creative Group
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