Northwest Atlantic

Fisheries Organization

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Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization Media Training


The Northwest  Atlantic Fisheries Organization is an international organization based in Halifax that has members from countries all over the world. They conduct scientific studies of our species that are fished in the Northwest area and have intergovernmental management groups in place to manage and sustain the fishery.


Studio 11 media trainers Leanne Beddow and Janice Landry conducted a two-part series of media relations sessions with staff. We did a general information session with all staff focusing on how the media worked and how best to promote their organization and answer media requests. Our second training session for scientists and executive staff provided key messaging around the NAFO organization and their work as well as training on how to conduct interviews with the media.


NAFO staff were highly engaged in the sessions, gave us great feedback on what they learned and continue to ask for our advice on media related activities.