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Mike McPhee -

Branding & Marketing Strategy

Mike McPhee contracted the services of Studio 11 to examine his current brand and strategize on how to expand and improve it to make him stand out in the Nova Scotia marketplace. We wanted to attract new prospects, turn his current prospect list into clients and increase two-way communication with his clients.


We delivered a strategy that started with detailed research on his current clients and services and created a target market. We also had in-depth client/agency meetings to discuss Mike’s current business with National Bank Financial, his experience, style, values, objectives and goals. We started with an elevator speech setting the stage for all his messaging to clients and prospects.


The strategy also included a new visual identity and brand that leveraged Mike’s successful pro hockey career to show how success in sport can transfer to success in financial management. We also refreshed his website to include a blog, new look and new home page that could be updated regularly. We began an advertising campaign as well as developed a client/prospect communications plan that included a client “Playbook” and regular e-newsletters. To date, results have been very positive . We have received great feedback from both clients and prospects and Mike has been able to increase his financial management activity with clients as well as converting several large prospects into clients while increasing his overall profile in the marketplace.


Studio11 Creative Group
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