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Mark Yates


Owner of myAnalytics; and Studio 11 partner, has over 20 years experience in examining and utilizing analytics spanning from independently-owned start-ups to large multi-national corporations as either in-house representation or outside consulting roles.

Demonstrated ability and robust knowledge in product development uniting all business functions through dashboard development and SQL queries to manage collaborative insight into business units and in-depth reporting.

Mark is a course educator and facilitator through the David Sobey Centre for Innovation in Retailing and Services; part of the Sobey School of Business at Saint Mary’s University, where he teaches retail merchandising, retail analytics and category management to some of the largest and most successful companies within Canada. He teaches about transforming data into powerful, easy-to-understand information for informed strategic decision-making in the retail world. He has vast experience across various sectors including grocery, pharmacy operations, retail, oil and gas, telecommunications, hedge fund administration, POS merchant systems and manufacturing. He is a sought-after, highly regarded expert in Canada for data analytics roles and consulting contracts because of his ability to mine data, break it down and inspire teams the best way to use this data to have the most impact. A linear thinker who is passionate about educating businesses in the advantages of data analytics to grow revenue and find efficiencies and deficiencies in their bottom line.

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