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Flight of the Silver Dart,

100th Anniversary of Flight

Studio 11 was hired as the agency of record for the 100th anniversary of flight in Canada, celebrated with a year-long festival of events in Baddeck, Nova Scotia where the first Silver Dart took off from the ice of the Bras d'Or Lakes. In addition to designing and executing a full marketing plan to attract visitors, we developed and implemented a comprehensive public relations plan to generate public interest and attendance that began with a media launch and concluded with a year-end salute to all the festivities.


Our PR initiatives included the strategic design and development of a website with a media room, a media relations strategy to inform people about the history of aviation in Canada leading to the 100 year event and the events taking place to celebrate it as well as a partnership strategy with other aviation groups worldwide.

Our efforts resulted in hundreds of articles and stories being published and broadcast, more than 40,000 hits to our website and millions of impressions to our target audiences. We secured a live regional broadcast at the beginning of the anniversary weekend and a live national broadcast at the end of the weekend. We hosted more than 75 media representatives to record a re-enactment of the flight of the Silver Dart by the Aerial Experiment Association led by Alexander Graham Bell. Our public relations strategy was very successful in receiving media coverage and increasing overall visitation and tourist activity to Baddeck.


Studio11 Creative Group
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