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Cape Breton Resorts - Marketing & Design

Studio 11 began working with Cape Breton Resorts to develop an overall marketing and communications plan with an emphasis on online marketing to increase visitation to their three diverse properties for the next season.


First, we streamlined and upgraded their hotel booking system and how the website connected to it. We were able to create a process where customers could book online and inventory in the hotel system was secured. We created a different pricing strategy with each property, understanding that they all don't offer the same level of accommodation and amenities. We created "experiential packages" at various price points based on research of visitors to the Island.


Another element of the strategy was to freshen up content and design to make the site easier to navigate for visitors and more attractive as well as introduce a better SEO process so the site was easy to find. We added a news and event section to help visitors plan their trips and created pop-up ads that would feature special offers for a limited time.


We designed and wrote an electronic newsletter and devised a database strategy that acquired data through phone, walk-up  and website bookings. Not only would the newsletter encourage visitors from the Atlantic region to plan their trips around attractions, special offers and events but it would pay off in the long-term for our many subscribers who were from the US and Europe so they could plan far enough out for future trips.

Our strategy paid off. Our change to the SEO process got results right away. Before Studio 11 stepped in to help, when people searched accommodations in Baddeck, Nova Scotia they would have to scroll through three pages of listings before seeing the CB Resort properties. In just over a month, we were able to get them first listing on the first page on browser searches like Google.


Online bookings were up and customer service/front desk were happier with the way the bookings flowed - people got what they thought they were going to get. Customers took advantage of the price packages and promotions we introduced, with immediate spikes in room nights. And, visitors booked further in advance. In the tourist season, Cape Breton Resorts saw a significant increase in traffic and room nights that they have not seen in more than four years.


Studio11 Creative Group
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